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CADian's native file format is .DWG, so when you open an existing Autodesk AutoCAD file (R11 to R2011) there's no file conversion and no data loss. CADian also provides a high degree of compatibility with the AutoCAD command set, as well as AutoLISP and ADS.

CADian - a one stop CAD Solution

CADian is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD solution which provides innovative, collaborative and customizable features for modern CAD Industries

Most preferred Alternative DWG CAD software

CADian offers specialized toolsets for 3D modeling, rendering and visualization, sharing the core technology and 2D design features of GstarCAD Standard..

Similar environment, as well as full support for AutoCAD commands

Full compatibility with AutoCAD Command Line, menu (.MNU) and script (.SCR) files, hathes, fonts and true type fonts - Complex linetypes - Multiline Text - Lightweight polyline - Draworder - Audit & Recover - Full AutoLISP support (including .DCL)


CADian is the fast, powerful and .dwg-compatible CAD software. It is the world-class 2D/3D CAD (Computer aided design) software platform based on IntelliCAD. CADian's powerful functions, .dwg-compatible programming platform, cost-effective solution and ease-of-use operating interface ensure that your design inspiration comes truely and thoroughly at high speed.

CADian has set the standard for affordable CAD software that offers full DWG compatibility and a familiar easy to use command set. Anyone who has used AutoCAD can easily learn to use CADian in zero time.


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All CADian products are sold through CADian authorized Resellers.



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User News

New Reseller appointed in Karnataka

New Reseller, M/s.Shrigeet Solutions has appointed in Karnataka State.

SMC Library implemented in CADian 2012

CADian Soft has implemented the SMC ,huge mechanical libraries, at CADian 2012, new version against AutoCAD 2012.